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The Most Terrifying Creative Thing I've Ever Done

After years of “doing my own thing” with dance, I had an experience in the “real” dance world – the dance world that I’ve feared and resented for years – that made me feel like being me was good enough. 

I’m not sure what will happen from here, but I am so so grateful that I decided to show up for the thing that scared me the most.

3 Questions To Ask Before Flaking Out On Social Plans

Ahh crap. That class is coming up. I said I would be there. But it’s a 40-minute train ride. I’m tired. I’m comfy at home. I could catch up on work or just finally have time to myself to relax.

What should I do?? Time is ticking…




The Visionary

You are sensitive, deep, and sometimes mystical.
Devoted, compassionate, open-minded and gentle.
Single-minded regarding values and convictions.
Dislike rules, orders, schedules, and deadlines.
Have rich inner life.
Like learning and being absorbed in your own projects.
Enjoy solitude, yet have strong need for harmony.
Set high standards for yourself.
Idealistic, persevering, creative.


The Genius
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